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As it provides the only method for mapping white matter fibers in vivo, diffusion MRI tractography is gaining importance in clinical and neuroscience research. However, despite the increasing availability of different diffusion models and tractography algorithms, it remains unclear how to select the optimal fiber reconstruction method, given certain imaging(More)
Three hundred broiler chicks (Hubbard) of both sexes were assigned to five feeding treatments: T0 received a complete diet (control), T1 was a choice feeding system with simultaneous access to an energy-rich feed (ground corn) and a protein concentrate (43.7% CP), and T2, T3, and T4 were introduced to choice feeding after 1, 3, and 5 wk, respectively, of(More)
Broilers, 2 wk of age, that had been previously adapted to energy: protein choice feeding, were offered corn (either ground, cracked, or presented as whole grains) and a protein concentrate (43.7% CP) in mash or pellet form. When corn was fed as whole grains, protein concentrate in the selected diet was significantly higher (35.1%) than with cracked corn(More)
Three techniques were compared: automated recording (A) of 2 h of feeding activities conveyed to a computer by constantly connected electronic balances, videotaping (V) of a closeup of the head of a chick during a feed-pecking session analyzed by focal sampling at reduced speed (16 times slower), strength of pecking (S) at feed particles recorded from a(More)
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