Ting-Ying Wei

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There is often uncertainty or negligence in measurements and calculations by collecting relevant evidence and site information at the scene for the conventional vehicle accident analysis and reconstruction. Cooperative Collision Warning (CCW) mechanism exchanging static and dynamic vehicle information with neighboring vehicles through inter-vehicle wireless(More)
Active safety is an important feature of a modern vehicle to provide precaution warning or compensatory control before the pre-crash stage of vehicle safety. All vehicle signals and information are acquired by several in-vehicle sensors on ECUs or surrounding vehicles, and integrated in vehicle gateway through in-vehicle or vehicle-to-vehicle(More)
Car electronics dominates the functionality of a modern automobile. To meet the requirements of low cost, high performance, compact size and versatile operation, multi-core system-on-chip (SoC) embedded systems play an important role for system architecture and development. To accommodate a variety of control and computation requests of embedded systems, a(More)
Past researches showed that neurofeedback training can enhance cognitive function. This study used alpha rhythm (8-12Hz) to conduct brain induced training. It proposed the use of Bluetooth Low Energy to connect the EEG signals to the smartphone. Then, the pattern of the interface will display the induced alpha energy. The result of the experiment indicates(More)
The proposed system integrates the IEEE 1588 standard with the Pulse Per Second (PPS) mechanism to improve the accuracy of timing synchronization of the multiple nodes. A reference implementation for the virtual orchestra was given and introduced to evaluate the performance. It operates in the form of a character device driver and the application interface(More)
The study proposed an automated sleep-wake scoring system by using the features of electroencephalogram (EEG) and electromyogram (EMG). The method of normalization has been used to reduce the difference of features between the subjects. The proposed system would automatically discriminate the sleep-wake states into both three-state (waking, NREM and REM)(More)
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