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Three new phenolic glycosides from the caulis of Millettia speciosa
Three new phenolic glycosides, millettiaspecosides AC (1–3), were isolated from the caulis of Millettia speciosa along with three known phenolic glycosides, khaephuoside B (4), seguinoside K (5),
Interactions between thrombin and natural products of Millettia speciosa Champ. using capillary zone electrophoresis
A capillary zone electrophoretic method was applied to determinate the interactions between natural products isolated from M. speciosa Champ.
[Main flavonoids from Sophora flavescenes].
Radix Sophorae Flavescentis is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is the roots of Sophora flavescens and is used to treat abscess, dysentery, eczema and skin itch and for study on the bioactivities of flavanonoids.
[Chemical constituents from Spatholobus sinensis].
Eight compounds were isolated from the ethanol extract of the caulis of S. sinensis by solvents extraction and column chromatography methods, and the structures of these compounds were identified as spatholosineside A, a new compound.