Ting-Yi Lu

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The palladium-catalyzed reaction of acetyl oximes with isocyanides was developed for the synthesis of 2H-pyrrol-2-imines. The key steps were (i) generation of an enamido-palladium(II) species, (ii) migratory double-isocyanide insertion, and (iii) cyclization. The scope of the synthesis of some 2H-pyrrol-2-imines was extended to the synthesis(More)
I2-TBHP-catalyzed oxidative cross coupling of N-sulfonyl hydrazones with isocyanides has been realized for the synthesis of 5-aminopyrazoles through formal [4 + 1] annulation via in situ azoalkene formation. Notable features are the metal/alkyne-free strategy, C-C and C-N bond formation, atom economy, catalytic I2, broad functional group tolerance, good(More)
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