Ting-Yan Wong

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A Panax ginseng extract (PGE) with a quantified amount of ginsenosides was utilized to investigate its potential to inhibit proliferation, influence lipid acquisition and adiponectin expression in 3T3-L1 cells. Seven fingerprint ginsenosides were quantified using high performance liquid chromatography and their respective molecular weights were further(More)
The local circuitry of the mammalian limbic cortices, including the hippocampus, is capable of generating spontaneous rhythmic activities of 0.5-4 Hz when isolated in vitro. These rhythmic activities are mediated by synchronous inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in pyramidal neurons as the result of repeated discharges of inhibitory interneurons. As such,(More)
Active and inactive renin were measured in individual juxtaglomerular apparatus (JGA) and in whole kidney homogenates. The morphology of the JGA was examined in microbiopsy glomerular specimens and in kidneys fixed by arterial perfusion. In rats on high and normal salt intake the total renin content of a single JGA was 14 (s.e.m. = 3) and 29 (s.e.m. = 4) ng(More)
To examine the ability of normal and autoimmune individuals to produce circulating anti-TNF alpha antibodies, plasma samples from 10 RA patients, 10 SLE patients and 5 normal subjects were assessed for anti-TNF alpha antibody. While every individual tested demonstrated circulating IgM anti-TNF alpha antibody, IgG anti-TNF alpha autoantibody was seen(More)
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