Ting Wu

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  • Ting Wu, William R Cotton, William Y Y Cheng
At Colorado State University the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) has been used to study the radiative effect on the diffusional growth of ice particles in cirrus clouds. Using soundings extracted from a mesoscale simulation of the 26 November 1991 cirrus event, the radiative effect was studied using a two-dimensional cloud-resolving model (CRM)(More)
  • William Y Y Cheng, Ting Wu, William R Cotton
Large-eddy simulations (LESs) were performed to study the dynamical, microphysical, and radiative processes in the 26 November 1991 FIRE II cirrus event. The LES model inherits the framework of the RAMS version 3b, developed at Colorado State University. It includes a new two-stream radiation model developed by Harrington and a new subgrid-scale model(More)
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