Ting-Wei Yeh

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We report a systematic study of carrier dynamics in Al(x)Ga(1-x)As-passivated GaAs nanowires. With passivation, the minority carrier diffusion length (L(diff)) increases from 30 to 180 nm, as measured by electron beam induced current (EBIC) mapping, and the photoluminescence (PL) lifetime increases from sub-60 ps to 1.3 ns. A 48-fold enhancement in the(More)
Highly perfect, twin-free GaAs nanosheets grown on (111)B surfaces by selective area growth (SAG) are demonstrated. In contrast to GaAs nanowires grown by (SAG) in which rotational twins and stacking faults are almost universally observed, twin formation is either suppressed or eliminated within properly oriented nanosheets are grown under a range of growth(More)
Uniform GaN nanorod arrays are grown vertically by selective area growth on (left angle bracket 0001 right angle bracket) substrates. The GaN nanorods present six nonpolar {1⁻100} facets, which serve as growth surfaces for InGaN-based light-emitting diode quantum well active regions. Compared to growth on the polar {0001} plane, the piezoelectric fields in(More)
The growth mechanism for the formation of GaN nanorods using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) selective area growth by pulsed source injection is proposed. The pulsed mode procedure and the kinetic model are discussed and experiments performed to support the model are described. The achievement of rod shape nanostructures grown by the pulsed(More)
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