Ting-Wei Kang

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Hip fractures in elderly patients can lead to lifethreatening complications and increased mortality1,2. The geriatric population in Taiwan, comprising almost 10% of the whole population in 2008, is progressively increasing3. Although recovery is slow, surgery is generally very effective for the repair of hip fractures. General and spinal anesthesia are the(More)
An efficient and novel procedure for a copper catalyzed domino coupling reaction has been developed, which afforded various oxindoles in good to excellent yields with tolerance of various substituents. In addition, this method could be applied to synthesize horsfiline and coerulescine in few steps with high total yields.
An efficient copper-catalyzed intramolecular N-arylation was performed by using substituted 2-(2-bromoaryl)acetamide with small amount of Cu2O and benzene-1,2-diamine as catalytic system under aerobic conditions, which provided good to excellent yields of oxindoles with tolerance of a wide variety of substrates. 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.(More)
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