Ting-Wei Hsu

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Nonlinear-system identification is very useful in a great variety of disciplines such as automatic control, mechanical diagnostics, and financial market prediction. Among state-of-the-art techniques, recurrent neural networks (RNN's) intrigue researchers by its temporal operation nature. However, time-consuming process and unsolved local minimum problem in(More)
Vertical handoff is one of the most challenging issues in heterogeneous network environments. There are many researches on this issue, but they still have some drawbacks such as low efficiency of utilization of the wireless network resources and can not satisfy each application’s requirements. This paper proposes a mechanism that takes each application into(More)
It is generally accepted that genes are regulated by the interactions between transcription factors (TFs) and their binding sites (TFBSs). Some studies have demonstrated that nucleotide variants at variable positions in TFBSs affect yeast gene regulation. Furthermore, variable positions in TFBSs in association with distinct accompanying regulatory motifs of(More)
In this work, a multi-ring tree algorithm is proposed for Bluetooth low-energy networks with non-uniform distribution of devices. In a dense area, a leader root is elected during the leader election phase and a min-path algorithm is introduced to determine the optimal number of rings for various numbers of discoverable roots. According to the optimal(More)
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