Ting-Ting Hu

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For human vision, the resolution of visual perception is not uniform across the entire eye, in which the fovea, a dimple on the central retina, provides our highest resolution vision. While many researchers have focused on building a large homogeneous high-resolution display for better visual quality, our approach goes a step further to exploit the(More)
In this technical demonstration, we showcase an interactive content presentation (ICP) system that integrates media-expressed-emotion-based composition, user-perceived preference feedback, and interactive digital art creation. ICP harmonizes the browsing of multimedia contents by presenting them in the form of music videos (photos, blog articles with(More)
—Cloud computing is the product of the evolution of calculation. It is a new distributed computing model. As more and more people put into the research and applications on cloud computing, the technology of computing becomes more and more widely used. Cloud computing has a huge user group. It has to deal with a large number of tasks. How to make appropriate(More)
The present study was designed to investigate the effects of ketamine on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced depressive-like behavior and the expression of inflammatory cytokines in the rat prefrontal cortex. Thirty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 3 groups (n=10): saline group (S group), LPS only group (L group) and LPS plus ketamine group (LK(More)
Previous studies have outlined the advantages of multi-resolution large-area displays over their fixed-resolution counterparts, however the mobility of the focus region has up until the present time received little attention. To study this phenomenon further, we have developed a multi-resolution tabletop display system with a steerable high resolution focus(More)
Blood CXCR5+CD4+ T cells are defined as circulating T follicular helper (TFH) cells, which is required for effective humoral immunity. This study aimed to investigate the role of circulating TFH cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (CHB) infection. The frequency and phenotype of circulating TFH cells were monitored by flow cytometry in CHB(More)
It is known that histamine participates in pain modulation. However, the effect of central histamine on neuropathic pain is not fully understood. Here, we report a critical time window for the analgesic effect of central histamine in the partial sciatic nerve ligation model of neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain was induced by partial sciatic nerve ligation(More)
The PIK3CA H1047R mutation is considered to be a potential predictive biomarker for EGFR-targeted therapies. In this study, we developed a novel PCR-PFLP approach to detect the PIK3CA H1047R mutation in high effectiveness. A 126-bp fragment of PIK3CA exon-20 was amplified by PCR, digested with FspI restriction endonuclease and separated by 3 % agarose gel(More)
E-cadherin is a transmembrane glycoprotein which is involved in the Ca2+-dependent cell–cell adhesion, and the adhesiveness is heavily dependent on the homodimerization of this molecule. Previous studies have shown that both the extracellular domain and cytoplasmic domain of E-cadherin contribute to its homodimerization. However, the roles of the(More)