Ting-Ta Yen

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In this paper, the temperature compensation of AlN Lamb wave resonators using edge-type reflectors is theoretically studied and experimentally demonstrated. By adding a compensating layer of SiO2 with an appropriate thickness, a Lamb wave resonator based on a stack of AlN and SiO2 layers can achieve a zero first-order temperature coefficient of frequency(More)
Highly c-axis oriented aluminum nitride (AlN) films were grown on epitaxial cubic silicon carbide (3C–SiC) layers on Si (100) substrates using alternating current (AC) reactive magnetron sputtering at temperatures between 300 °C to 450 °C. The AlN thin films were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, and transmission electron(More)
For the first time, highly c-axis oriented heteroepitaxial AlN thin films have been successfully grown on epitaxial 3C-SiC films on Si (100) substrates. The AlN films deposited by the AC reactive magnetron sputtering at temperatures of approximately 300-450 °C were characterized using the scanning electron microscope (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM),(More)
We here present a study on the influence of metal electrodes on the anchor losses in Contour Mode Resonators (CMRs). Our Finite Element Modelling (FEM) simulation results show that electrode material is key to determine the acoustic losses, and therefore the quality factor. Also, improvement in, quality factor, can be achieved via acoustic matching between(More)
Experimental Study of Fine Frequency Selection Techniques for Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride Lamb Wave Resonators by Ting-Ta Yen Master of Science, Plan II in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California, Berkeley Professor Albert P. Pisano, Chair Strong demand for high-Q resonators and filters in mobile wireless communication(More)
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