Ting-Shuo Chou

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Neurorobots enable researchers to study how behaviors are produced by neural mechanisms in an uncertain, noisy, real-world environment. To investigate how the somatosensory system processes noisy, real-world touch inputs, we introduce a neurorobot called CARL-SJR, which has a full-body tactile sensory area. The design of CARL-SJR is such that it encourages(More)
EMWF (Embedded Workflow Framework) is an open source middleware for flexible (i.e., configurable, customizable and adaptable), user-centric automation and assistive devices and systems. EMWF 1.0 provides a lightweight workflow manager and engines on Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux. It is for small embedded automation devices. EMWF 2.0 also(More)
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