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A triazole-containing 8-hydroxyquinoline (8-HQ) ether 2 was efficiently synthesized in two steps from the "click" strategy. Compound 2 gave a strong fluorescence (Φ = 0.21) in nonprotic solvent like CH(3)CN, and a weak fluorescence (Φ = 0.06) in protic solvent like water. In water, a more than 100 nm red shift of the fluorescence maximum was observed for(More)
Simple quinoline-based fluorescent probes for Fe3+ have been efficiently synthesized through 'click' reaction. Both probes gave intense fluorescence compared to 8-hydroquinoline in various organic solvents due to the inhibition of the excited state intramolecular photon transfer process, while showing dramatically quenched and red-shifted fluorescence in an(More)
In order to gaining virtue of Surfacelet transform and NSCT, this paper proposes image denoising method of combining two methods. This is conquer the defects of NSCT which has light nick in image edge and Surfacelet transform which has noise point in local image. This method not only has high SNR but also improves to keep image edge information. The(More)
A series of asymmetrical benzo-fused BODIPY dyes were synthesized from the Sonogashira coupling and nucleophilic substitution reactions on the 3-halogenated benzo-fused BODIPY, generated from readily available 3-halogeno-1-formylisoindoles in a two-step synthetic procedure. This novel BODIPY platform provides an easy path for the linking of BODIPY(More)
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