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The frequency of poor metabolizers of debrisoquin was low and similar in four different native Chinese nationalities. In a total sample of 695 Chinese subjects, only seven (1.01%) had a urinary ratio between debrisoquin and 4-hydroxydebrisoquin greater than 12.6, which is the antimode between poor metabolizers and extensive metabolizers in white(More)
Functional brain mapping based on changes in local cerebral blood flow (lCBF) or glucose utilization (lCMR(glc)) induced by functional activation is generally carried out in animals under anesthesia, usually alpha-chloralose because of its lesser effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, and reflex functions. Results of studies on the role of nitric oxide(More)
Vibrissal stimulation raises cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the ipsilateral spinal and principal sensory trigeminal nuclei and contralateral ventroposteromedial (VPM) thalamic nucleus and barrel cortex. To investigate possible roles of adenosine and nitric oxide (NO) in these increases, local CBF was determined during unilateral vibrissal stimulation in(More)
Photosynthetic pigment composition and photosystem II (PSII) photochemistry were characterized during the flag leaf senescence of wheat plants grown in the field. During leaf senescence, neoxanthin and beta-carotene decreased concomitantly with chlorophyll, whereas lutein and xanthophyll cycle pigments were less affected, leading to increases in(More)
Cytochrome b(6)f complex with stoichiometrically bound beta-carotene molecule was purified from spinach chloroplasts. The configuration of this beta-carotene was studied by reversed-phase HPLC and resonance Raman spectroscopy. Both the absorption spectrum of this beta-carotene in dissociated state and the Raman spectrum in native state can be unambiguously(More)
Isolated photosystem I (PSI)-110 particles, prepared using a minimal concentration of Triton X-100 [J. E. Mullet, J. J. Burke, and C. J. Arntzen (1980) Plant Physiol. 65, 814-822] and further subjected to short-term solubilization with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), were resolved into four pigment-containing bands on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis(More)
We investigated the effect of large isoform of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBPCO) activase (RuBPCO-A) on photosynthesis and constructed two plant expression vectors and introduced them into rice cultivars (Oryza sativa f. japonica cv. Nipponbare) through Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. Plasmid pCBrbcSRca contained(More)
The distribution of rare earth elements (REEs) in the fern Dicranopteris dichotoma Bernh plants from a light rare earth elements mine (LRM) and a non-mining (NM) area in Longnan county of Jiangxi province, China were investigated by means of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, transmission electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive X-ray(More)
The metabolic ratio of debrisoquine hydroxylation (MR) determined as the ratio of debrisoquine over 4-OH-debrisoquine in 8 h urine after a single oral dose of DB (10 mg) in unrelated Chinese Zang and Wei volunteers was studied by using gas chromatography. The MR of 132 healthy Chinese Zang subjects ranged from 0.20 to 34.32, and that of 158 healthy Chinese(More)
2-Deoxy[14C]glucose-6-phosphate (2-[14C]DG-6-P) dephosphorylation and glucose-6-phosphatase (G-6-Pase) activity were examined in cultured rat astrocytes under conditions similar to those generally used in assays of glucose utilization. Astrocytes were loaded with 2-[14C]DG-6-P by preincubation for 15 min in medium containing 2 mM glucose and 50 microM(More)