Ting-Jui Huang

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We investigate the effect of stepped edge corrugations on the front-to-back ratio (F/B ratio) improvement for the antipodal DETSA. Three types of corrugation configurations with different combinations of slit length are investigated. The results revealed that the improvement in F/B ratio is directly related to the arrangement in corrugation configurations.
We have analyzed the main cause of performance degradation in the maximum readable distance due to curving of the tag antenna for passive RFID system at UHF band. We concluded that the variation in impedance was the main reason for such degradation. Such observation was verified by a new design of tag antenna under curved situation. We managed to recover(More)
We have successfully demonstrated a novel design of compact and low-profile circularlypolarized antenna for UHF RFID reader applications. The proposed antenna features very good impedance bandwidth from 845 MHz to 964 MHz and a very good AR bandwidth from 860 MHz to 935 MHz. A peak gain of 7.8 dBic was also achieved. These superior performances have made(More)
We have successfully demonstrated a new design of 2-b-7 shaped-beam antenna array with circular polarization. The proposed antenna features very good impedance bandwidth, moderate gain and good CP performance. These superior performances have made the proposed antenna configuration well suitable for passive RFID applications at ISM band.
In this paper, we propose a high-gain circularly-polarized (CP) dual-band antenna array for UHF (902-928 MHz) and microwave band (2.4-2.5 GHz) RFID applications. The proposed antenna consists of dual-ring radiators excited through apertures as the basic element. A 2-by-2 array formed by sequentially-rotated configuration exhibited 8 dBic gain at UHF band(More)
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