Ting-Hui Lee

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In recent years topiramate has been used for psychiatric patients, mainly for controlling substance use and food intake. A total of 46 patients who received topiramate treatment during the study period were identified from a computer database. Nineteen had received topiramate for at least 1 month. Twelve patients received topiramate for anticraving effects(More)
The axis symmetric model of a planetary nebula. The orientation angle determines the rotation of the nebulas axis of symmetry in the plane perpendicular to the viewing direction. The inclination angle measures the tilt of the axis in relation to the viewing direction. Abstract This work addresses the problem of reconstructing the 3D structure of planetary(More)
A series of new push-pull phenothiazine-based dyes (HL1-HL4) featuring various π spacers (thiophene, 3-hexylthiophene, 4-hexyl-2,2'-bithiophene) and double acceptors/anchors have been synthesized, characterized, and used as sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Among them, the best conversion efficiency (7.31%) reaches approximately 99% of the(More)
A series of new phenothiazine-based dyes (HL5-HL7) with double acceptors/anchors have been synthesized and used as the sensitizers for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Among them, the HL7-based cell exhibits the best efficiency of 8.32% exceeding the N719-based cell (7.35%) by ∼13%.
– 2 – We perform near ultraviolet ACS prism spectroscopy of 11 Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) planetary nebulae (PNe) with the main aim of deriving the abundance of carbon. The analysis of the ACS spectra provide reliable atomic carbon abundances for all but a couple of our targets; ionic C 2+ abundances are calculated for all target PNe. With the present(More)
We present ESO NTT high resolution echelle spectroscopy of the central stars (CSs) of eight southern bipolar planetary nebulae (PNe) selected for their asymmetry. Our aim was to determine or place limits on the magnetic fields of the CSs of these nebulae, and hence to explore the role played by magnetic fields in nebular morphology and PN shaping. If(More)
Dipolar metal-free sensitizers (D-π-A; D=donor, π=conjugated bridge, A=acceptor) consisting of a dithiafulvalene (DTF) unit as the electron donor, a benzene, thiophene, or fluorene moiety as the conjugated spacer, and 2-cyanoacrylic acid as the electron acceptor have been synthesized. Dimeric congeners of these dyes, (D-π-A)(2), were also synthesized(More)
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