Ting-Hua Lu

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Four acylated pelargonidin glycosides and pelargonidin 3-sophoroside-5-glucoside were isolated from 23 red-purple cultivars of Pharbitis nil. The acylated anthocyanins were all based on pelargonidin 3-sophoroside-5-glucoside and were identified as the 3-O-[2-O-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl)-6-O-(trans-caffeyl)-beta-D- glucopyranoside]-5-O-(beta-D-glucopyranoside),(More)
A new acylated anthocyanin was isolated from the violet-blue flowers of Pharbitis nil as a minor anthocyanin. The structure of this pigment was determined to be cyanidin 3-O-(2-O-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl)-6-O-(trans-4-O-(beta-D- glucopyranosyl)caffeyl)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl)-5-O-(beta-D-glucopyranosi de) based on spectroscopic methods.
We study numerically and demonstrate experimentally a novel type of singular optical beams formed by the phase imprinting of an optical vortex into the structure of the three-Airy beams. In contrast to a vortex-free product of three Airy beams, in this type of singular-Airy beam, the vortex in the beam axis causes a twist in the beam transverse intensity(More)
An incoherent beam was used to induce the self-pumped phase-conjugate output in a (BaSr) TiO(3) crystal. It was found that, in terms of the alteration of the signal-beam parameters, the induced self-pumped phase-conjugate output could be eliminated or maintained after the incoherent beam was removed. The observed effects were attributed to the local(More)
Incoherent-to-coherent conversion by use of the photorefractive beam-fanning effect and amplification by two-wave coupling have been demonstrated experimentally in a photorefractive Ba(1-x)Sr(x)TiO(3) crystal. The converted coherent image is amplified by 60x. The resolution of the amplified coherent image is ~28 line pairs/mm. A notable advantage of the(More)
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