Ting-Hsuan Wu

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Primary dysmenorrhea (PDM) is the most prevalent gynecological problem. Many key brain systems are engaged in pain processing. In light of dynamic communication within and between systems (or networks) in shaping pain experience and behavior, the intra-regional functional connectivity (FC) in the hub regions of the systems may be altered and the functional(More)
NF90 and splice variant NF110 are DNAand RNA-binding proteins encoded by the Interleukin enhancer-binding factor 3 (ILF3) gene that regulate RNA splicing, stabilization and export. The role of NF90 in regulating transcription as a DNA-binding protein has not been comprehensively characterized. Here, ENCODE ChIP-seq identified 9,081 genomic sites(More)
The network congestion is caused by the rapidly growing data traffic and the limited wireless radio resources. In addition to the licensed spectrum, the access to unlicensed spectrum (e.g., LAA) brings hope for the service provider (SP) to mitigate the deficiency of radio resources. The premium peering deal with the content providers (CPs) can be an(More)
A multi-threaded programmable shader pipeline 3D graphics SoC with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 has been developed and fabricated. The sample chip is ARMv4T compatible with the 3D processing capability of 14.9 Mvertices/s, 3.6 Mpixels/s and up to 4K resolution. The die size is 3.85&#x00D7;3.85 mm<sup>2</sup>, with 2.96M gates on a TSMC 90nm CMOS 1P9M. This new(More)
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