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In this paper we discuss on the security module for the car appliances to prevent stealing and illegal use on other cars. We proposed an open structure including authentication and encryption by embed a security module in each to protect car appliances. Illegal moving and use a car appliance with the security module without permission will lead the(More)
A simple and low-cost HPLC method with UV absorbance detection was developed and validated to simultaneously determine strychnine and brucine, the most abundant alkaloids in the processed Semen Strychni, in rat tissues (kidney, liver, spleen, lung, heart, stomach, small intestine, brain and plasma). The tissue samples were treated with a simple(More)
BACKGROUND Lysine acetylation is a crucial type of protein post-translational modification, which is involved in many important cellular processes and serious diseases. However, identification of protein acetylated sites through traditional experiment methods is time-consuming and laborious. Those methods are not suitable to identify a large number of(More)
This study aims to investigate the effects of metformin and resveratrol on muscle insulin resistance with emphasis on the regulation of lipolysis in hypoxic adipose tissue. ICR mice were fed with high fat diet (HFD) for 10days with administration of metformin, resveratrol, or intraperitoneal injection of digoxin. Adipose hypoxia, inflammation and(More)
In this paper we consider the infinite horizon H2/H∞ control problem for discrete-time timevarying linear systems subject to Markov jump parameters and state-multiplicative noises. A stochastic bounded real lemma is firstly developed for a class of discrete-time time-varying Markov jump systems with stateand disturbance-multiplicative noises. Based on(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the pharmaceutical properties and the anti-tumor activities of three kinds of stealth liposomes prepared with different phospholipid composition containing brucine. METHOD Stealth liposomes with different phospholipids composition, such as soybean phosphatidycholine (SPC), hydrogenated soybean phosphatidylcholine (HSPC) and the(More)
Serving as a great supplement for stochastic stability and stabilization, new notions called essential instability and essential destabilization are introduced. In this way, according to the spectral distribution of an uncontrolled linear time-invariant stochastic system in the complex plane, we distinguish three kinds of stabilities: asymptotical mean(More)
This paper addresses the stability and structural properties of discrete-time linear stochastic periodic systems with multiplicative noise. First, according to the spectral placement of a monodromy operator, spectral criteria are presented for asymptotic mean square stability, weak stability, observability and detectability, respectively. Further, it is(More)