Ting-Feng Chung

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This paper proposes a novel image authentication scheme, aiming at tampering detection for block truncation coding (BTC) compressed image. The authentication code is generated by using the random number generator with a seed, and the size of the authentication code is based on the user’s requirement, with each BTC-compressed image block being used to carry(More)
A reversible information hiding scheme that is suitable for embedding small amounts of data is proposed in this paper. The secret data are transformed to base-k data stream, and each number is embedded into a pixel pair if the pixels’ difference is within a certain range. Referring a predetermined table, the gray values of the pixel pair are modified so as(More)
In 2014, Lo et al. employs the histogram shifting technique to present a reversible data hiding scheme for the "absolute moment block truncation coding image" (AMBTC). In their scheme, the secret message is embedded into the quantization levels. The bitmaps in their scheme cannot carry any secret message. The embedding capacity of their scheme is lower.(More)
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