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Texture is an important attribute affecting consumer perception of fruit quality. Peach melting flesh and flesh adhesion to stone (endocarp) are simply inherited and controlled by the F-M locus on linkage group (LG) 4. Here, we report that two genes encoding endopolygalacturonase (endoPG) in the F-M locus, designated PpendoPGF and PpendoPGM, are associated(More)
Coffee is an important beverage crop in the world and has a significant contribution to Kenya’s economy. Here, we analyzed the genome-wide distribution of microsatellites in the Coffea canephora genome. A total of 159,041 SSRs were identified, with an overall density of 308 SSRs per Mb. Tetra-nucleotide repeats are the most abundant, accounting for 32 % of(More)
Soluble sugars and organic acids have a strong impact on the overall organoleptic quality of fruits. In this study, we report the identification of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for individual sugars and organic acids in apple. A high density linkage map of apple was constructed using the 1536 EST-derived SNP GoldenGate genotyping platform. The linkage map(More)
An investigation focused on the transformation and distribution behaviors of trace elements and natural radionuclides around a coal gangue brick plant was conducted. Simultaneous sampling of coal gangue, brick, fly ash and flue gas were implemented. Soil, soybean and earthworm samples around the brick plant were also collected for comprehensive ecological(More)
A new molecular catalyst based on cobalt complex [LCoCl] (1) is formed by the reaction of N, N-dimethylethylenediamino-N,N-bis(2,4-dimethyl) phenol (H 2 L) with CoCl 2 Á6H 2 O for electrolytic water reduction. To our knowledge 1 is by far the most active electrocatalyst for hydrogen generation from water with a turnover frequency (TOF) of 2744 mol of(More)
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