Ting-Fang He

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We report here our systematic studies of excited-state dynamics of two common flavin molecules, FMN and FAD, in five redox states--oxidized form, neutral and anionic semiquinones, and neutral and anionic fully reduced hydroquinones--in solution and in inert protein environments with femtosecond resolution. Using protein environments, we were able to(More)
Flavoproteins are unique redox coenzymes, and the dynamic solvation at their function sites is critical to the understanding of their electron-transfer properties. Here, we report our complete characterization of the function-site solvation of holoflavodoxin in three redox states and of the binding-site solvation of apoflavodoxin. Using intrinsic flavin(More)
Intraprotein electron transfer (ET) in flavoproteins is important for understanding the correlation of their redox, configuration, and reactivity at the active site. Here, we used oxidized flavodoxin as a model system and report our complete characterization of a photoinduced redox cycle from the initial charge separation in 135-340 fs to subsequent charge(More)
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