Ting Chuen Pong Hong

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This paper describes an approach to characterize camera and object motions based on the analysis of spatio temporal image volumes In the spatio temporal slices of image volumes motion is depicted as oriented patterns We propose a tensor histogram computation algorithm to represent these patterns The motion tra jectories in a histogram are tracked to(More)
We analyze the Brownian thermal noise of a multilayer dielectric coating used in high-precision optical measurements, including interferometric gravitational-wave detectors. We assume the coating material to be isotropic, and therefore study thermal noises arising from shear and bulk losses of the coating materials. We show that coating noise arises not(More)
The present study was designed to synthesize derivatives of E-resveratrol and evaluate their cytotoxic activity in vitro. Different functional groups were conjugated with the phenolic hydroxyl group of E-resveratrol, and the double bond of E-resveratrol was reduced. The in vitro cytotoxicity of the synthetic derivatives was evaluated against three tumor(More)
We study the quantum dynamics of a Michelson interferometer with Fabry-Perot cavity arms and one movable end mirror, and driven by a single photon—an optomechanical device previously studied by Marshall et al. as a device that searches for gravity decoherence. We obtain an exact analytical solution for the system’s quantum mechanical equations of motion,(More)
The present study was designed to identify potent anti-tumor compounds from a series of new longistylin C derivatives. Ten longistylin C derivatives were synthesized and their structures were confirmed by (1)H NMR, MS, and elemental analyses. Their cytotoxicity in vitro against three human cancer cell lines (A549, HepG2, and MCF-7) were evaluated by the MTT(More)
The Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is designed to detect the Gravitational Waves (GW) predicted by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The advanced LIGO project is ongoing an upgrade to increase the detection sensitivity by more than a factor of 10, which will make the events detection a routine occurrence. In(More)
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