Ting-Chieh Chou

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Although CAPS1 was originally identified as a soluble factor that reconstitutes Ca(2+)-dependent secretion from permeabilized neuroendocrine cells, its exact function in intact mammalian cells remains controversial. Here we investigate the role for CAPS1 by generating stable cell lines in which CAPS1 is strongly down-regulated. In these cells,(More)
Although it has been established that the activation of GTPases by non-hydrolyzable GTP stimulates neurotransmitter release from many different secretory cell types, the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In the present study we aimed to elucidate the functional role(s) for endogenous Ras-like protein A (RalA) and RalB GTPases in GTP-dependent(More)
The initial surface reactions of the extrinsic coagulation pathway on live cell membranes were examined under flow conditions. Generation of activated coagulation factor X (fXa) was measured on spherical monolayers of epithelial cells with a total surface area of 41-47 cm(2) expressing tissue factor (TF) at >25 fmol/cm(2). Concentrations of reactants and(More)
Syntaxin-1 is the central SNARE protein for neuronal exocytosis. It interacts with Munc18-1 through its cytoplasmic domains, including the N-terminal peptide (N-peptide). Here we examine the role of the N-peptide binding in two conformational states ("closed" vs. "open") of syntaxin-1 using PC12 cells and Caenorhabditis elegans. We show that expression of(More)
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