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—The ad hoc network is a temporary wireless system without a fixed (wired or wireless) infrastructure. Many clustering algorithms have been proposed to partition mobile users into clusters to support routing and network management. Most previous studies, however, focus on algorithm design, lacking an overall evaluation of clustering overheads. In this(More)
In order to ensure an efficient network control for mobile ad hoc networks, nodes are usually aggregated into clusters to provide a convenient framework. However, an important issue on how to properly assign channels over a multi-cluster structure has not been studied in depth. In this paper, we first propose a new clustering algorithm to facilitate(More)
In MANETs querying routes by blind flooding often incurs redundancy, contention, and collision. These phenomena are known as the broadcast storm problem, which will degrade the network performance. To alleviate the broadcast storm problem, we propose a controlled flooding mechanism, called zone-based controlled flooding (ZCF), to improve the efficiency of(More)