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Aquatic risk assessments for fungicides are carried out without information on their toxicity to non-target aquatic fungi. This might cause an underestimation of the toxic effects to the aquatic fungal community. This study focuses on the question whether recently derived concentrations limits for fungicides considered to protect populations of primary(More)
Paecilomyces lilacinus was described more than a century ago and is a commonly occurring fungus in soil. However, in the last decade this fungus has been increasingly found as the causal agent of infections in man and other vertebrates. Most cases of disease are described from patients with compromised immune systems or intraocular lens implants. In this(More)
We describe a novel heterothallic species in Aspergillus section Fumigati, namely A. felis (neosartorya-morph) isolated from three host species with invasive aspergillosis including a human patient with chronic invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, domestic cats with invasive fungal rhinosinusitis and a dog with disseminated invasive aspergillosis. Disease in(More)
The application of K-edge filters in diagnostic radiology has been investigated by many workers for over twenty years. These investigations have analysed the effects of such filters on image quality and radiation dose as well as the practicalities of their application. This paper presents a synopsis of the published works and concludes that K-edge filters(More)
The mechanisms postulated to be responsible for the accelerated repopulation of squamous cell carcinomas during radiotherapy are the loss of asymmetry of stem cell division, acceleration of stem cell division, abortive division and/or recruitment of the non-cycling cell with proliferative capacity. Although accelerated repopulation was observed with(More)
Airborne and waterborne fungal spores were compared with respect to cytoplasmic viscosity and the presence of ergosterol. These parameters differed markedly between the two spore types and correlated with spore survival. This suggests that the mode of spore dispersal has a bearing on cellular composition, which is relevant for the eradication of(More)
The aims of this study were to evaluate the feasibility, practicality, efficacy and safety of the delivery of accelerated partial breast irradiation using the MammoSite for the boost phase. Six patients aged 53-69 years with stage T1N0, T2N0, Grade I-II invasive ductal carcinoma received 9-10 Gy prescribed at 1 cm from the MammoSite balloon surface in two(More)
An algorithm to calculate the presampling modulation transfer function (MTF) of an imaging system from an angled edge image has its own inherent transfer function. Factors such as the angle of the sampling aperture to the edge, registration of edge function profiles using the determined edge angle, differentiation, smoothing, and folding all combine to(More)
Although chemotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of haematological tumours, in many common solid tumours the success has been limited. Some of the reasons for the limitations are: the timing of drug delivery, resistance to the drug, repopulation between cycles of chemotherapy and the lack of complete understanding of the pharmacokinetics and(More)
Using the collimated output beam from a Helium-Neon laser, operating at 632.8 nm, transmission intensities through various thicknesses and concentrations of homogenised milk have been measured for the purpose of determining the suitability of milk as a phantom for visible wavelength imaging. Also, theoretical predictions to the laser beam attenuation in(More)