Tine Missiaen

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This paper discusses the results of geophysical and chemical investigations carried out in a chemical munition dumpsite in the southern Baltic Sea, east of the island of Bornholm. After WW2 over 32,000 tons of chemical war material was dumped here including shells and bombs as well as small drums and containers. The geophysical investigations combined(More)
Very high resolution seismic and magnetic investigations were carried out over a chemical munition dumpsite in the Bornholm Basin, south-western Baltic. The main goal of the investigations was to image the internal structure of the dumpsite and to map the lateral and vertical distribution of the dumped weapons. The shallow geology was imaged in great detail(More)
The processing of a small-scale, very high resolution (VHR) shallow marine 3D data volume is described. The data were acquired over a small clay diapir, on the river Schelde, in 1990. Using an array of 12 dual-channel microstreamers towed from a catamaran, a network of 1 m × 1 m bins could be produced over an area of 50 m × 180 m (< 100 m penetration).(More)
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  • 2015 IEEE/OES Acoustics in Underwater Geosciences…
  • 2015
Sub-bottom acoustic studies of intertidal areas along the North Sea coast pose major technological challenges due to the shallow water depth, wave action, strong currents and large tidal range. Moreover in Belgium these areas are often marked by the presence of shallow gas which limits the acoustic penetration. As a result these areas are rarely(More)
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