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Radio network planning and dimensioning have significant impact on the overall system capacity of the cellular communication systems. Various commercial network planning and dimensioning tools with different radio signal propagation models implemented are available on the market. Their price and especially inflexibility led us to look for an open-source(More)
The cellular concept applied in mobile communication systems enables significant increase of overall system capacity, but requires careful radio network planning and dimensioning. Wireless and mobile network operators typically rely on various commercial radio network planning and dimensioning tools, which incorporate different radio signal propagation(More)
Resource allocation issues are discussed in the context of a virtual multiuser MIMO uplink assuming users equipped with a single antenna. A scheduling algorithm, which efficiently mitigates the co-channel interference (CCI) arising from the spatial correlation of users sharing common resources, is proposed. Users are selected using an incremental approach(More)
Understanding the formation of materials at elevated temperatures is critical for determining their final properties. Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy is an ideal technique for studying such processes because high spatial and temporal resolutions are easily achieved and the technique is non-destructive, meaning additional analyses can take(More)
This paper addresses network architectures in a constellation of high altitude platforms (HAPs) with overlapping coverage areas, focusing on the additional network elements/functionalities required to make use of load balancing mechanisms. According to the location within the network and the complexity of additional equipment/ functionality the paper(More)
In this paper, the issues in wireless resource management in multiuser multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems are addressed. In particular, we investigate the problems in the design of user scheduling algorithms based on spatial division multiple access (SDMA). We review the existing scheduling algorithms optimized for single input single output(More)
Multiple antenna systems can offer significant improvements in system performance due to their ability to exploit multipath signal propagation and take advantage of its random nature in order to achieve diversity or spatial multiplexing gain. As such, they are very suitable for implementation in WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)(More)
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