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The State and the Bloody Diamond Rush in Chiadzwa: Unpacking the Contesting Interests in the Development of Illicit Mining and Trading, c.2006–2009
This article examines the development of diamond mining and trading in Chiadzwa, a communal area in Marange, Zimbabwe. It also examines the nature of the state and its role in the early dynamics of
British Sterling Imperialism, Settler Colonialism and the Political Economy of Money and Finance in Southern Rhodesia, 1945 to 1962
This article contributes to the emerging field of African financial history. Although there has been work on Britain's sterling arrangements in its colonies, very few studies examine the specific
Money, Banking and Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence
ABSTRACT Based on archival research conducted mainly at the Bank of England, the National Archives of Zimbabwe, Central Archival Repository in Pretoria and the Cory Library at Rhodes University in
The Making of Zimbabwe’s Currency and Economic Crisis: International Financial Architecture, Nationalism, and Economic Policies 1980–2000
This chapter examines the making of Zimbabwe’s currency and economic crisis from a historical perspective. It suggests that colonial legacies played an important role, together with the connections
‘Open for Business’ but Bankrupt: Currencies, the ‘New Dispensation’ and the Zimbabwean Economy
The paper examines the Mnangagwa government’s economic policies in Zimbabwe. It looks at its ‘new’ dispensation economic policies, passed off as creating a middle-income economy by 2030. The study
Cross-Border Couriers as Symbols of Regional Grievance?: The Malayitsha Remittance System in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe
This article explores the history and experiences of cross-border couriers/transporters known as omalayitsha, who remit money and commodities across the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe bond notes and their possible long-term legacy
Tinashe Nyamunda analyses the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s efforts to address the liquidity shortage in the country.
Navigating the hills and voluntary confinement: Magweja and the socio-economic and political negotiation for space in the diamond mining landscape of Chiadzwa in Zimbabwe, 2006-2009
This article focuses on the socio-economic and political experiences of the artisanal diamond miners and the various communities within the hills of Chiadzwa situated in the Marange area of