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BACKGROUND Oral psoralen, when combined with UVB, shows an increased response in psoriasis. In this study, conventional psoralen-UVA (PUVA) therapy was compared with psoralen-UVB (PUVB) therapy in plaque-type psoriasis in patients with Fitzpatrick skin type IV. PATIENTS AND METHODS Equal numbers of patients with stable, plaque-type psoriasis were treated(More)
The successful salvage of a free flap is dependent on the continuous monitoring of perfusion. To date there is no widely accepted and readily available post-operative monitoring technique to reliably assess the viability of free flaps by continuously monitoring free flap blood oxygen saturation. In an attempt to overcome the limitations of the current(More)
Free jejunum flaps have been widely used as a reconstruction option after total laryngopharyngectomy. Monitoring of flap perfusion assists in early detection of flap failure, increasing the possibility of flap salvage. Considering the free jejunum flap is a hidden flap there is still no single reliable, non invasive perfusion monitoring technique to assist(More)
Monitoring of free flap perfusion and early identification of flap failure is an indispensable prerequisite for flap salvage. Although many methods of free flap monitoring are available, there is still no single reliable continuous non-invasive perfusion monitoring technique which will also assist in the early recognition of flap failure. In order to(More)
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