Tina Wambach

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Although Africa has played a central role in human evolutionary history, certain studies have suggested that not all contemporary human genetic diversity is of recent African origin. We investigated 35 simple polymorphic sites and one T(n) microsatellite in an 8-kb segment of the dystrophin gene. We found 86 haplotypes in 1,343 chromosomes from around the(More)
The human scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI and splice variant SR-BII) plays a central role in HDL cholesterol metabolism and represents a candidate gene for a number of related diseases. We examined the genetic diversity of its coding and flanking regions in a sample of 178 chromosomes from individuals of European, African, East Asian (including(More)
DNA-repair pathways are critical for maintaining the integrity of the genetic material by protecting against mutations due to exposure-induced damages or replication errors. Polymorphisms in the corresponding genes may be relevant in genetic epidemiology by modifying individual cancer susceptibility or therapeutic response. We report data on the population(More)
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