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F or each point of a road network, let there be given the number of cars starting from it, and the destination of the cars. Under these conditions one wishes to estimate the distribution of traffic flow. Whether one street is preferable to another depends not only on the quality of the road, but also on the density of the flow. If every driver takes the(More)
In this paper, we focus on the financial engineering of integrated global supply chain networks and social networks. Through a multilevel, dynamic supernetwork framework consisting of the global supply chain network with electronic commerce and the social network, we capture the multicriteria decision-making behavior of the various decision-makers(More)
This paper develops a framework for the analysis of the optimal levels of corporate social responsibility activities in a multiperiod supply chain network consisting of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Manufacturers and retailers determine their production quantities, transaction quantities, and the amount of social responsibility activities they(More)
In this paper, we propose a rigorous dynamic supernetwork theory for the integration of social networks with financial networks with intermediation in the presence of electronic transactions. We consider decision-makers with sources of funds, financial intermediaries , as well as demand markets for the various financial products. Through a multilevel(More)
ePub WU , the institutional repository of the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, is provided by the University Library and the IT-Services. The aim is to enable open access to the scholarly output of the WU. This document is the version accepted for publication and — in case of peer review — incorporates referee comments. There are minor(More)
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