Tina Vanderheyden

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rteriovenous malformation of the vein of Galen, also known as vein of Galen aneurysm, is a distinct intracranial anomaly characterized by a midline, deeply located, high-flow lesion with an extremely complex vascular architecture. Although they represent fewer than 1% of all cerebral arteriovenous malformations seen in children and adults, almost all cases(More)
Rat Zn-15 is a transcription factor activating GH gene expression by synergistic interactions with Pit-1, named for 15 DNA-binding zinc fingers, including fingers IX, X, and XI that are responsible for GH promoter binding. In this study, a mouse cDNA for Zn-15 was characterized. The predicted 2192-amino acid mouse protein is 89% identical to rat (r) Zn-15(More)
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