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Niche partitioning in orbweaving spiders Meta menardi and Metellina merianae (Tetragnathidae).
These findings suggest that both the diverse dynamics and trophic niches enable the coexistence of Meta menardi and M. merianae despite their similar spatial niches, and that M. menardi, in particular, is optimally adapted to the epigean/hypogean ecotone. Expand
Chitosan coatings onto polyethylene terephthalate for the development of potential active packaging material
Abstract In this paper advanced surface treatment of PET plastic film is presented for introduction of antimicrobial properties as a potential application for food (as for example meat) packagingExpand
Influence of O2 and CO2 plasma treatment on the deposition of chitosan onto polyethylene terephthalate (PET) surfaces
Abstract Oxygen and carbon dioxide plasma treatments were applied in order to study their influences on chitosan adhesion onto PET foils. Modification of the surface and the adsorption of chitosanExpand
Comparison of oxygen plasma and cutinase effect on polyethylene terephthalate surface
The aim of the study is to activate inert PET surface in order to introduce the carboxyl groups and to obtain its hydrophilic character. Two advanced and environmentally friendly techniques were usedExpand
Adsorption and Antibacterial Activity of Soluble and Precipitated Chitosan on Cellulose Viscose Fibers
The aim and novelty of this work was to compare the adsorption of totally-soluble chitosan (acidic solution) against the adsorption of precipitated chitosan, onto cellulose fibers. The influences ofExpand
Manipulation of chitosan binding on the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) surface and study of coatings on poultry meat shelf life-time
The aim of this study was to activate inert PET surfaces in order to introduce the surfaces’ carboxyl groups and to obtain its hydrophilic character, which was important for the chitosan bonding toExpand