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A quick introduction and guide for busy policymakers and practitioners grappling with how to understand and assess the ICT-related investments underway in the education sector. This short handbook provides guidance for policymakers struggling with two key issues: 1. What is the impact on student achievement of introducing ICT in educational settings in(More)
Intrathymic (IT) inoculation of soluble alloantigens (Ag) obtained from 3 M KCl extracts of resting T-cells induces donor-specific tolerance to cardiac allografts and islet allografts. This study examined the cellular basis of induction of transplantation tolerance by IT injection of soluble Ag. Our results show that while IT inoculation of 2 mg soluble(More)
UVB irradiation (700 J/m2) of bone marrow cells (UVB-BMC) before transplantation into lethally gamma-irradiated (10.5 Gy) allogeneic rats prevents graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and induces a stable complete lymphohematopoietic chimerism. To better understand the underlying mechanism of the development of stable chimerism and induction of tolerance to(More)
Intrathymic (i.t.) injection of UVB donor spleen cells induces donor-specific unresponsiveness to cardiac and islet allografts in sublethally irradiated recipients in the low-responder Lewis-to-ACI rat combination. This study examined whether unresponsiveness to islet allografts could be achieved following i.t. inoculation of untreated or UVB-irradiated(More)
One of the most significant predictors of prompt rehospitalization following psychiatric hospital discharge is missing follow-up out-patient appointments. Previous studies have suggested that system responsiveness accounted for much of the variance in predicting compliance with aftercare. Collaborations established at our institution allowed us to partially(More)