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Spanking is common in the United States but less common in many European countries in which it has been outlawed. Being spanked has been associated with child abuse victimization, poor self-esteem, impaired parent-child relationships, and child and adult mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral consequences. Being spanked as a child has also been(More)
Autism is a condition characterised by impairments of social communication, social interaction and social imagination. The exact aetiology of autism is unknown but some autistic features have been explained by the 'opioid excess theory' in which excess brain peptide levels have a morphine-like activity. Reduction of peptide levels by administration of the(More)
Current economic volatility has increased the need in industries with limited resources to identify new opportunities to retain its current customer base. Customer retention is one of the key factors to sustain business growth. Developing retention models assist the company by identifying key drivers for increasing retention and focusing the communication(More)
Applying a photographic recording method, and working on enlargements of the plates so obtained, the shape of the geotropically curving coleoptile of Avena was studied. This shape is expressed in terms of curvature of the neutral axis of the coleoptile; for the true geotropic response of the strain of Avena used, the curvature of the neutral axis is an arc(More)
Light stimuli from a 100-W tungsten source were filtered (neutral density and narrow-band interference filters;10 nm width; Oriel), gated by a shutter (Uniblitz VS35;Vincent Associates) and calibrated by a radiometer (S370, UDT Instruments). The irradiance of the unfiltered ('white') stimulus was (in photons s 21 cm 22): 4 £ 10 12 at 400 nm, 6 £ 10 13 at(More)
An automatic photographic recording apparatus is described. It uses plates sensitized to the red end of the spectrum for recording movements of organs of plants which cannot be photographed in white light. It enables one to obtain two types of pictures: 1. A "standing plate" picture where the successive positions of the organ to be registered are(More)
This study investigated the influence of various contextual effects on the decisions of subjects evaluating a case of nonphysician-assisted suicide. Subjects viewed a videotaped deposition of an individual emotionally or nonemotionally describing how he assisted in the death of his terminally ill wife by disconnecting her respirator or shooting her in the(More)
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