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Preparatory to craniotomy for the relief of medically refractory focal epilepsy, the lateralization of cerebral speech functions was determined by the Wada intracarotid Amytal test in 134 patients with clinical and radiologic evidence of an early left-hemisphere lesion. Their results were compared with those for 262 patients (140 right-handed, 122(More)
  • T Rasmussen
  • 1983
The serious, late complication of superficial cerebral hemosiderosis, which appears after several years in 1/4-1/3 of patients who have undergone hemispherectomy, has resulted in recent years in a considerable reluctance to carry out this operation despite the fact it has proved to be highly effective in patients with medically refractory seizures(More)
BACKGROUND Acid hydrolyzed wheat proteins (HWPs) are used in the food and cosmetic industry as emulsifiers. Cases of severe food allergic reactions caused by HWPs have been reported. Recent data suggest that these reactions are caused by HWPs produced by acid hydrolysis. OBJECTIVES To examine the sensitizing capacity of gluten proteins per se when altered(More)
We investigated the quantitative relation between neuronal activity and blood flow by means of a general parametric mathematical model which described the neuro-vascular system as being dynamic, linear, time-invariant, and subjected to additive noise. The model was constructed from measurements by means of system identification methods and validated across(More)