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Sexual selection can lead to rapid divergence in reproductive characters. Recent studies have indicated that postmating events, such as sperm precedence, may play a key role in speciation. Here, we stress that other components of postmating sexual selection may be involved in the evolution of reproductive isolation. One of these is the reproductive(More)
The Radioactive Beam Experiment REX-ISOLDE [1–3] is a pilot experiment at ISOLDE (CERN) testing the new concept of post acceleration of radioactive ion beams by using charge breeding of the ions in a high charge state ion source and the efficient acceleration of the highly charged ions in a short LINAC using modern ion accelerator structures. In order to(More)
The first measurement of the elastic scattering of the halo nucleus 11Li and its core 9Li on 208Pb at energies near the Coulomb barrier is presented. The 11Li+208Pb elastic scattering shows a strong reduction with respect to the Rutherford cross section, even at energies well below the barrier and down to very small scattering angles. This drastic change of(More)
The current evaluation of the triple-α reaction rate assumes that the α decay of the 7.65 MeV, 0+ state in 12C, commonly known as the Hoyle state, proceeds sequentially via the ground state of 8Be. This assumption is challenged by the recent identification of two direct α-decay branches with a combined branching ratio of 17(5)%. If correct, this would imply(More)
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