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Caffeine enhances upper body strength in resistance-trained women
BackgroundResearch has indicated that low-to-moderate dosages of caffeine supplementation are ergogenic for sustained endurance efforts as well as high-intensity exercise. The effects of caffeineExpand
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Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction: The Role of Body Image and Fitness
A satisfying sex life is an important element of overall health and quality of life. The media plays an important role in shaping adolescents' physical appearance ideals and promoting a "perfectExpand
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Relationship between Religiosity and “Hooking Up” Behavior
Abstract Background: “Hooking up” behaviors, or sexual activities without commitment or emotional attachment, are occurring among college students. Purpose: This study examined the relationshipExpand
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The Impact of Religiosity on the Sexual Behaviors of College Students
Abstract Sexuality is considered by most religious traditions to represent general temptation, procreation or a way to strengthen emotional bonds. The purpose of this study was to determine ifExpand
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Predictors of Quality of Life, Sexual Intercourse, and Sexual Satisfaction among Active Older Adults
Abstract Background: Relatively little is known about the sexual behaviors of older people, and the relationship between quality of life and sexuality has not been fully explored. Purpose: TheExpand
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The Impact of Abstinence Education
Abstract There has long been controversy in this country about the implementation of school-based sexuality education. In recent years, however, the controversy has centered on abstinence education.Expand
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Area Specific Self-Esteem, Values, and Adolescent Substance Use
The use of illicit and licit drugs continues to be a major public health concern. Many prevention and drug education programs address this issue by attempting to enhance self-esteem. The idea is thatExpand
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Preventing Obesity and Promoting Fitness
The prevalence of overweight and obesity among youth has increased markedly in the past 2 decades in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, more thanExpand
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Alcohol Use, Hooking-Up, Condom Use: Is There a Sexual Double Standard?
OBJECTIVES The purposes of the study were to: (1) identify judgments college students make of peers based on descriptions of drinking, hooking-up, and condom use behaviors; and (2) determine whetherExpand
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Epidemiology of Exercise Equipment-related Injuries to Young Children
Objectives: The objective of this study was to describe and identify the type, cause, and epidemiology of injuries related to exercise equipment to children younger than 5 years reported to USExpand
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