Tina M. T. Tran

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High-throughput methodologies to screen large numbers of microorganisms necessitate the use of small-scale culture vessels. In this context, an increasing number of researchers are turning to microtiter plate (MTP) formats to conduct experiments. MTPs are now widely used as a culturing vessel for phenotypic screening of aerobic laboratory cultures, and(More)
Electrochemical methods (cyclic voltammetry (CV), potential steps, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) were successfully combined with in situ reflectometry measurements for a detailed analysis of the passive layer evolution as a function of the electrode potential. Interestingly, both EIS and surface reflectivity allowed a film thickness in the(More)
There are a variety of methods available for determining ethanol tolerance phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Many of these methods are limited in through-put and/or application. We describe here a microtiter-plate, growth-based, liquid-culture, rapid ethanol tolerance assay (RETA) that overcomes these limitations. Determinations of ethanol tolerance(More)
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