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The EXODUS database toolkit, and in particular the E persistent programming language, have been used in two substantial database system implementation efforts by the authors (the Ariel database rule system and the Triton nested relation DBMS). Observed advantages of using a persistent programming language for database system implementation include ease of(More)
Unique database requirements of applications such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided software engineering(CASE), and office information systems(OIC) have driven the development of new data models and database systems based on these new models. In particular, the goal of these new database systems is to exploit the advantages of complex data(More)
  • T Harvey
  • 1996
Hospice chaplaincy is a rather innocuous term describing a combination of duties and skills. Literature has been slow in coming and clearly defining this growing and unique role. This article looks both through the eye of the terminally ill patient and of the chaplain for further clarification of the method, philosophy, and definition of hospice chaplaincy.(More)
Each time we meet a new person, we draw inferences based on our impressions. The first thing we are likely to notice is a person's face. The face functions as one source of information, which we combine with the spoken word, body language, past experience, and the context of the situation to form judgments. Facial expressions serve as pieces of information(More)
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