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The rat pheochromocytoma cell line PC12 contains two distinct pathways of protein secretion. Proteins secreted via the regulated pathway are stored in secretory vesicles and exocytosed only in response to a specific signal, whereas proteins secreted via the constitutive pathway are exported continuously. Analysis of regulated secretion of a heterologous(More)
The transformation and early adenovirus gene transactivation functions of the E1A region were analyzed with deletion and point mutations. Deletion of amino acids from position 86 through 120 had little effect on the lytic or transforming functions of the E1A products, while deletion of amino acids from position 121 through 150 significantly impaired both(More)
Four monoclonal antibodies have been raised against voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channel dihydropyridine receptors from rabbit skeletal muscle. When tested by immunoblot assay of denatured transverse tubule membranes in reducing polyacrylamide gels, each recognised a single polypeptide of Mr approximately 140,000 that co-migrated with the large glycoprotein(More)
Antisera were raised against synthetic peptides from the prosegment of human prorenin. The use of each of these for detection of the appropriate prosegment region of prorenin was validated by development of an ELISA protocol standardised with recombinant prorenin present in culture medium conditioned by myeloma cells transfected with a prorenin expression(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare potentially inappropriate medication prescribing, as defined by the updated Beers criteria, in an acute care of the elderly (ACE) unit and a general medicine service. DESIGN Non-concurrent cohort study of admitting and discharge summaries from an electronic medical record system. SETTING A general medicine service and ACE unit at an(More)