Tina Hanlon Inman

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The Timed Gait test is a standardized procedure assessing motor dysfunction of lower extremities and gait abnormalities associated with AIDS dementia complex. Heretofore, interpretations of Timed Gait results have been hampered by the lack of normative data. We provide results on this test derived from 1,549 subjects (HIV-seronegatives (HIV-) and(More)
Few studies to date have cross-validated indicators of malingering that have been suggested on various neuropsychological tests. This study presents data cross-validating several indicators of malingering on neuropsychological tests, as well as on tests of malingering and via behavioral observations. It incorporates methodological recommendations by Rogers(More)
Thirty-two studies of commonly researched neuropsychological malingering tests were meta-analytically reviewed to evaluate their effectiveness in discriminating between honest responders and dissimulators. Overall, studies using the Digit Memory Test (DMT), Portland Digit Recognition Test (PDRT), 15-Item Test, 21-Item Test, and the Dot Counting Test had(More)
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