Tina H. Wong

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Four computer applications are presented that encourage students to develop “mathematical coordination” — the ability to manipulate numerical variables in cooperation with other students so as to achieve a definite goal. The programs enable a form of computer-supported cooperative learning (CSCL). In this paper we describe the rationale and design of the(More)
CONTEXT Obesity is associated with altered patterns of substrate utilization at rest and during exercise. OBJECTIVE The relationship between obesity and fat oxidation during recovery from exercise was examined. HYPOTHESIS The postexercise shift toward fat oxidation is blunted in the obese state, reflected by higher respiratory exchange ratio (RER),(More)
INTRODUCTION Orbital schwannoma accounts for less than 5% of orbital tumours and few cases arising in the superior orbit are reported in the literature. PURPOSE To present, to our knowledge, the first report of inferior oblique-associated orbital schwannoma. METHODS Interventional case report with clinical photographs, MRI imaging, intra-operative(More)
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