Tina Händler

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Attractive depletion forces between rodlike particles in highly crowded environments have been shown through recent modeling and experimental approaches to induce different structural and dynamic signatures depending on relative orientation between rods. For example, it has been demonstrated that the axial attraction between two parallel rods yields a(More)
Bundles and networks of semiflexible biopolymers are key elements in cells, lending them mechanical integrity while also enabling dynamic functions. Networks have been the subject of many studies, revealing a variety of fundamental characteristics often determined via bulk measurements. Although bundles are equally important in biological systems, they have(More)
The mechanics of complex soft matter often cannot be understood in the classical physical frame of flexible polymers or rigid rods. The underlying constituents are semiflexible polymers, whose finite bending stiffness (κ) leads to nontrivial mechanical responses. A natural model for such polymers is the protein actin. Experimental studies of actin networks,(More)
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