Tina Cartwright

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The present study investigated the experiences of users of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) using a qualitative approach. In-depth interviews were conducted with 11 frequent users and analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Results indicated that the patient-practitioner relationship and explanatory frameworks provided by(More)
Teachers of statistics are often faced with the task of teaching their subject to heterogeneous groups of students. At the University of Westminster we are faced with groups of students who are all studying psychology but have very different academic and social backgrounds. To teach statistics and research methods successfully to such heterogeneous groups(More)
The pull-out strength of both cortical and cancellous screws from bone at various sites about cadaveric pelves was examined. No significant differences were seen between cortical or cancellous screws at similar sites with the possible exception of the sacroiliac joint. Pull-out strengths were best correlated to the depth of bone at a particular screw hole.(More)
Poor childhood diet is a major risk factor for disease and obesity, and parents of pre-school children are in a powerful position to influence diet for life. The technique of thematic synthesis (Thomas & Harden, 2008) was used to synthesise recent qualitative research on parental feeding of pre-school age children (18 months-6 years). The aim was to inform(More)
This single-case study describes the importance of presenting relevant baseline conditions in planning and evaluating treatment for aggression in a severely brain injured man 1 year after injury. An artificially low natural baseline resulted from staff reluctance to deliver instructions and corrective feedback needed for rehabilitation of self-care skill(More)
OBJECTIVE This study explores men with advanced prostate cancers' own practices for promoting and maintaining emotional well-being using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. DESIGN Five men with advanced prostate cancer participated in face-to-face, semi-structured, in-depth interviews. RESULTS Within rich narratives of lost and regained(More)
OBJECTIVE Studying personal narratives can generate understanding of how people experience physical and mental illness. However, few studies have explored narratives of engagement in health positive behaviours, with none focusing on men specifically. Thus, we sought to examine men's experiences of their efforts to engage in and maintain healthy behaviours,(More)
This study addresses the comparative pull-out strengths of cortical (4.5 mm) and fully threaded cancellous (6.5 mm) bone screws from sites about the pelvis commonly used in the fixation of posterior column acetabular fractures and sacroiliac (SI) disruptions. These sites include one from lateral to medial through the posterior column, two from(More)
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