Tina Carmichael

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A myoelectric protocol to objectively discriminate between test subjects based on trunk muscular performance differences (endurance) was investigated in a group of 11 healthy volunteers and ten industrial patients undergoing functional restoration for chronic disabling spinal disorders. The subjects performed a standardized exercise protocol, holding their(More)
Objective techniques for assessing trunk musculature with respect to fatigue-related characteristics do not exist. Based on work that relates frequency spectral shift in myoelectric signals to muscular fatigue at other body sites, a study was carried out to investigate and evaluate strategies for application of these techniques to the lumbar musculature.(More)
We investigated the effect of elevated levels of cortisol on plasticity in the visual cortex of the cat. Animals were given daily injections of cortisol i.m. for 20 days starting around 35 days of age. After 10 days they were monocularly deprived, and after an additional 10 days recordings were made from the visual cortex to construct an ocular dominance(More)
A prototype isokinetic torso rotation unit and an EMG signal processing system were utilized to obtain preliminary information on torso rotation. In Study 1, range-of-motion was found to be surprisingly uniform between low-back pain patients and normal subjects, although there was a significant strength variation between them at all isokinetic speeds(More)
The results of therapy are reported in 296 patients with histologically proven epidermoid carcinoma of the tonsillar fossa; 127 were treated with irradiation alone (5,500 to 7,000 cGy), 133 with preoperative radiotherapy (2,000 to 3,000 cGy) or were initially planned for preoperative irradiation but treated with radiotherapy alone, and 36 with postoperative(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic inflammation in pterygium occurrence has not been explained. Whether damaged limbal basal epithelial cells are associated with pterygium occurrence in black Africans is not clear. OBJECTIVE To explain chronic inflammation in pterygium, and to clarify whether damaged limbal basal epithelial cells were associated with pterygium occurrence(More)
BACKGROUND It is not clear whether demographic or pterygium characteristics or limbal stem cell deficiency determine pterygium recurrence after surgery. PURPOSE To determine whether the demographic, pterygium characteristics, or limbal stem cell deficiency determine pterygium recurrence after excision. METHODS Of 190 patients operated and followed-up(More)
Independent lung ventilation (ILV) is recognized as a method of treating unilateral lung disease. We report the use of ILV in a 22-year-old woman with acute respiratory failure and complex congenital heart disease with different sources of left and right pulmonary blood flow. She had a palliated single-ventricle circulation with pulsatile pulmonary blood(More)
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