Tina Bloom

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Humans accurately read other humans' emotional facial expressions. Little research was found examining human ability to read dogs' expressions. Cross-species research extended facial expression research to chimpanzees, and there is much research on dogs' auditory signaling to humans. To explore humans' ability to identify dogs' facial displays, photographs(More)
OBJECTIVES Intimate partner violence (IPV), commonly known as domestic violence is a problem throughout the world. An estimated 36% to 75% of employed abused woman are monitored, harassed and physically assaulted by their partners or ex-partners while trying to get to work and while at work. The objective of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of(More)
a candidate for the degree of doctor of philosophy, and hereby certify that, in their opinion, it is worthy of acceptance. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thanks the many people that have supported me and helped me in completing this paper. My parents for guiding me, teaching me, struggling with me in the early years and always believing that I could be(More)
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