Tin Yan Chan

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Sudden unexplained/unexpected death (SUDEP) in epilepsy is a major cause of death accounting for 7-17% of the mortality among epileptic patients. Prolongation of QT-interval has been issued as a major mechanism in SUDEP since it is associated with fatal cardiac arrhythmias. This condition may be further precipitated by anti-epileptic treatment. Despite(More)
Chinese herbal medicines (CHM) and Chinese proprietary medicines (CPM) are widely used by people of Chinese origin throughout the world. Although the use of these medicinal materials rarely causes significant toxic effects, cases of severe and even fatal poisoning have occurred after medication with herbs containing aconitine, podophyllin, and(More)
To study the pattern of acute poisoning in the New Territories East of Hong Kong, 291 adult cases admitted to the Prince of Wales Hospital in 1989 were reviewed. The female-to-male ratio was 2.3 to 1 and the majority of patients (83%) were below the age of 40. The main poisons involved were hypnotics and sedatives (44.3%), household products (14.8%) and(More)
Diffusion tensor image (DTI) of the cervical spinal cord has been proposed to be used to identify the myelopathic level in the cervical spinal cord. Fractional anisotropy (FA) from DTI is usually used to diagnose the level of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM). However, the solely use of FA value does not consider a full information of 3D multiple(More)
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