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Traceroute is widely used, from the diagnosis of network problems to the assemblage of internet maps. However, there are a few serious problems with this tool, in particular due to the presence of load balancing routers in the network. This paper describes a number of anomalies that arise in nearly all traceroute-based measurements. We categorize them as(More)
— A good understanding of contact patterns in delay tolerant networks (DTNs) is essential for the design of effective routing schemes. Prior work has typically focused on inter-contact time patterns in the aggregate. In this paper, we argue that pairwise inter-contact patterns are a more refined and efficient tool for characterizing DTNs. We provide a(More)
— Because a delay tolerant network (DTN) can often be partitioned, the problem of routing is very challenging. However, routing benefits considerably if one can take advantage of knowledge concerning node mobility. This paper addresses this problem with a generic algorithm based on the use of a high-dimensional Euclidean space, that we call MobySpace,(More)
There is a growing interest in discovery of internet topology at the interface level. A new generation of highly distributed measurement systems is currently being deployed. Unfortunately, the research community has not examined the problem of how to perform such measurements efficiently and in a network-friendly manner. In this paper we make two(More)
Tools to measure internet properties usually assume the existence of a single path from a source to a destination. However, load-balancing capabilities, which create multiple active paths between two end-hosts, are available in most contemporary routers. This paper proposes a methodology to identify load-balancing routers and characterize load-balanced(More)
This paper investigates the feasibility of a city-wide content distribution architecture composed of short range wireless access points. We look at how a target group of intermittently and partially connected mobile nodes can improve the diffusion of information within the group by leveraging fixed and mobile nodes that are exterior to the group. The fixed(More)
— We propose in this work a single copy and multi-hop opportunistic routing scheme for sparse delay tolerant networks (DTNs). The scheme uses as only input the estimates of the average inter-contact times between the nodes in the network. Defined as the fixed point of a recursive process, it aims at minimizing delivery time in case of independent(More)
—Traceroute is widely used to report the path packets take between two internet hosts, but the widespread deployment of load balancing routers breaks a basic assumption – that there is only a single such path. We specify an adaptive, stochastic probing algorithm, the Multipath Detection Algorithm (MDA), to report all paths that probes can follow between a(More)